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In today's fast paced world all of us want to lead successful lives. In this process of making our lives successful there's always one obstacle that grips us ...and that is "Fear'''. Fear of manmade difficulties like Thefts, Frauds, Losses, Damages, Dangers, Violence, Disputes, Harassments issues, Unwanted interaction with unknown persons and other Criminal Activities.

We need to protect our individual life, self respect, family, assets, real estates and businesses, our privacy, and our freedom from those difficulties If we do not action, then these issues can create a negative impact on our life in many ways like impact on personal and family life, wasting time on complication, financial condition, poor human relationship, difficulties in growth of business, impact on health, overall impact on happiness Fr quality of life.

To safeguard ourselves from all of the above and live smarter, we need someone trustworthy and expert to secure us and give the best solutions. In short: if we have a serious health issue we need specialist doctor, same way for our life security, we need a security specialist!!!

The foundation of MSDA stands firm with the joint efforts of our Managing Directors — Mr. Arun Walanj (ex-asstt. commissioner of police) and Mr. Rakesh Gaykar their versatile background and vision has been the springboard to the growth of our company and create a world where we live fearless. We at MSDA have our own team of experts comprising of ex police personnel, law practitioners and security experts and we are known for safeguarding individuals and business more effectively. Since a decade, we have been creating security and safety solutions to eliminate negative elements of manmade troubles in society and help our clients lead safe and successful professional and personal lives! It is our mission to make this world a better and safer place to live and work, hence with the best of manpower and technology, we have created seven gems of solutions in security and safety as follows.

Physical Secure I Legalsense I Strategic I Think smarter I Secure+ I Helprecruit I Rise up

Help everyone to create crime free & secured life with our security and safety solutions for a better future, for a better world.

We exist to make this world a better and safer place to live!

  • Dedication: We work with passion and focus to give excellence in every task that we undertake.
  • Learning: We believe in learning something new every day about our work and make it the best.
  • Responsibility: We believe in taking responsibility for each and every challenge and win over it.
  • Honesty: We work with honesty and transparency with our client to build trust and faith.
  • Discipline: We act in every aspect of work and life with discipline to achieve our mission.


All of us want to lead better and successful lives in this fast paced world. And to do so we need protection from various elements of society. We need to protect our individual life, self respect, family, assets, real estates and businesses, our privacy and our freedom from manmade difficulties like thefts, frauds, losses, damages, dangers, violence, disputes, harassments issues, unwanted interaction with unknown persons and other criminal activities. If we do not take the right action, then it may have a negative impact on our life in many ways like Impact on Personal and family life, Wasting time on complication, Financial condition, Human relationship, Difficulties in growth of business, Impact on health, Impact on happiness in life. To resolve these issues, MSDA has created Physical Secure Solutions, where we provide physical security for individual’s life, residential locations and commercials locations, businesses, events location etc. MSDA is an innovative security company with a fresh approach to security, specialist in providing tailor-made security packages as per client’s requirements which takes care of all the above mentioned obstacles one may face in the path of their success. We provide physical secure in two categories

I.SECURITAS: Basic Security for residential locations and commercials locations, businesses, etc. II. EXECUTAS: Advance security for high profile location, events, celebrities, executives, VIPs, and elite individuals.


In our business and personal life we deal with lot of people and often we do not know what intention each individual carries. We often meet positive people but some negative people create disturbance in our life which can be anything from thefts, frauds, losses, damages, dangers, violence, disputes, harassments self-respect issues and other criminal activities. if we look at it closely, these type of difficulties are more harmful to self and business in many ways like Impact on personal and family life, waste of time on managing the loss, financial deprivation, poor human relationship, no guidance or advisory to manage such situation in legal way etc. Hence with our expert panel MSDA has created LegalSense where we handle all your legal matters in the most appropriate manner. LegalSense offers services to individuals and businesses in three steps:

Consultation | Consultation and Documentation | Consultation, Documentation and Process handing.


We all spend most of the time of our life in our assets like: - business, residential and commercial and planning strategies of life and success. Not only this but we also keep upgrading it time to time for best results. But in the matter of our security we don’t do this kind of exercise. To avail this to you, MSDA has developed a unique concept “Strategic” which enables you to make your life more secure without disturbing your busy schedule. It is a system which does a complete survey of your premises be it residential, commercial or industrial and identifies the risk factors which may be a potential threat for your assets. Based on the survey, we make security plans for you which safeguard your assets from prevalent threats. “Strategic” is conducted in four steps:

Security Survey | Security Planning | Security day to day Operation Plan | Emergency Plan.


For success, we need to protect our life and business and for that we need to think smarter. We need a security system which is advanced in technology and runs faster. It is difficult to cover every corner of your property or closely monitor each and every person entering your premises and evidences of all activities, Hence MSDA created “Think Smarter”, a high quality service which helps to save your time, give accurate information and efficiently controls thefts, frauds, losses, damages, dangers, violence, disputes, harassments issues and other criminal activity.

It consists of CCTV Surveillance Security System, Live Coverage, Fire Detection, Alarming System and Access Control, Attendance System etc for Residentials, Commercials, Businesses and Homes etc.


Today the entire world is available online within your reach. So why not your security? Yes, now you can assure more safety with our product Secure+ which allows us to scan every individual’s identification, who visits your premise and store all the records online. Secure+ is a system which is highly integrated and interconnected with all our operating sites, any person who is listed as a threat in these records, will be reflected in the system installed in your premises too, hence prohibiting them to enter. Further to this, the information will be forwarded to local legal authorities.

MSDA created Secure+ solutions for all Residentials, Commercials and Offices where heavy traffic of people is expected to entry/exit on daily basis.


It is every individuals dream to become successful in life and pursue the business of their choice. Business means hiring people and often we face problems in employing trustworthy employees. We need professional, experienced and honest individuals to support our venture, but in current scenario it’s not easy to find such people. Placement companies give no guarantee for a person’s integral status. To avoid employee related frauds, losses, damages, violence, disputes, harassments issues and other criminal activities, MSDA has created “HelpRecruit” where we provide right people for the right place and with accurate verification of the candidate’s background, qualification and experience within a short span of time. HelpRecruit is our secured web based solution with database of candidates from various fields.

Rise Up

Our mission is making this world better place to live and work through providing excellent solutions in security industry. This mission cannot be achieved by us alone, hence we need to develop security leaders who can deliver excellent service. Also your support becomes of great importance when you give them an opportunity to present their skills by hiring our services and in turn enjoy a safe secured life. These security leaders are known as security bouncers and bodyguards, which are specially trained in our training institute. They are trained for everything right from etiquette to personal defence.

MSDA runs India’s 1st security leaders training academy known as “Rise Up” where we train candidates for skills of leadership in security as per today’s requirement and empowering them to make this world better and safer place.

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